Are the Experiences of a Black Man in the U.K. Different than those in the U.S?

Tales of An African American Living in the U.K.

Guy Nave


Yep, that’s me!!

My experience on Medium has been wonderful thus far. I began publishing “regularly” during February this year.

I greatly appreciate the support, responses, and feedback of those of you who follow me or simply engage with my articles.

I am beginning a new endeavor that I hope to chronicle here on Medium. It is called “Tales of An African American Living in the U.K.

I am a professor at Luther College in Decorah, IA (USA). I will be directing the Luther College Nottingham program for the 2022–2023 academic year.

My wife and I depart for Nottingham tomorrow (6/27/22). I have decided to chronicle my time in Nottingham on a YouTube channel.

The channel is NOT about the Luther College course. It is simply about my experiences as an African American man living in the U.K. I am particularly interested in comparing my “racialized” experiences living in the U.K with my experiences living in the U.S.

This is my FIRST experience with a YouTube channel and creating YouTube videos. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but hopefully, I will get better over time!

None of the videos will be rehearsed or edited. They will simply be me in real-time chronically real experiences. For those of you who follow me on Medium, you can look forward to me writing articles that chronicle my experiences in the U.K. I also, hope you might consider subscribing, following, and leaving “constructive” comments on the channel about how I can do what I’m doing better!!

I look forward to the experience, sharing it with all of you, and getting your feedback.

Thanks for being my Medium family and friends.

See you from across the ocean.

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