Black Success in the U.S. is NOT “Proof” of Racial Equity in the U.S.

Black people succeed in the U.S. DESPITE racial inequities

Guy Nave
10 min readSep 21


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I rarely write articles responding to comments received on a previous article. This article, however, is one I feel compelled to write.

Responding to DEI criticism

I wrote an article on diversity, equity, and inclusion, asking, “Can we agree that diversity, equity, and inclusion are desirable?”

While the article received several hundred claps and numerous favorable responses, several people stated, “No. We can’t agree that diversity, equity, and inclusion are desirable.” While I expected disagreements regarding the best ways to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment and society, I did not expect people to say “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are undesirable attributes.

In response to a follow-up question in the article, “If a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world is not desirable, what kind of world do you want to live in and why?”, more than one respondent conveyed a pining and longing for a “homogeneous, inequitable, and exclusive” world. In addition to praising the benefits of homogeneity, one respondent asked, “Shouldn’t I have the right to an exclusive community if I desire?” I don’t have much to say in response to a reply like that. That person owns their desire for homogeneity, inequity, and exclusion. While I do not want to live in a homogeneous, inequitable, exclusive world, that person has the right to express that as their desire. I am not writing this article in response to them.

Instead, I’m responding to those who argue that there is no need for DEI efforts because America is a “colorblind achievement-based meritocracy” and that meritocracy is working well. According to them, the presence of successful Black people is evidence of that.

America is not a “colorblind achievement-based meritocracy.”



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