Here’s What I Love Most About Medium

And it has nothing to do with making money!

Guy Nave
7 min readFeb 22, 2024


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This is my first article of 2024, and it’s unlike any other article I have written on Medium. After six years on Medium, I’m writing this article simply to say, “Thank you.”

I LOVE thoughtful, challenging, and inspiring engagement! That’s why I read and write on Medium. I have also come to value and appreciate the community I have found on Medium.

If you’re reading this article because of the headline, I guess you could stop reading since I’ve just shared what I love most about Medium. I do, however, have more to say about this.

Here’s how it all began

I began reading Medium articles in 2018. During that year, I wrote eight articles. Those early articles were inspired by the excellent articles I was reading at that time and the conversations I was able to participate in as a result of the “reply” option.

I purchased a Medium membership in 2019, primarily to support independent writers that I enjoyed reading. I only wrote three articles that entire year. I was much more interested in reading and enjoying the writing of others than sharing my own writings.

At some point, I learned about Medium’s Partner Program. While I wasn’t doing much writing on Medium, I thought if it’s possible to make a little money from what I write, why not? So, I joined the Partner’s Program. I made my first $0.85 in March 2020. Over the course of the next 22 months, I made a whopping $6.32.

While I made less than $6.50 during my first 48 months of reading and occasionally writing on Medium, I read hundreds of amazing articles and had several transformative “reply” conversations. I discovered several authors that I still enjoy following and reading.

Like most Medium members, I received a notice in late 2021 that I didn’t have 100 followers and would be dropped from the Partner’s Program. I had 75 members and thought, why not try to get 25 more so I could continue in the program in case, at some point, I wanted to actively pursue making money from writing?

After I got the required 100 followers in February 2022, I started noticing more…



Guy Nave

I LOVE thoughtful and challenging engagement! That's why I read and write on Medium. If you enjoy the same, keep in touch. I always respond.